There is a buzz in the recruitment world today.  Dominic Cummings appealed for wierdos and misfits to join the civil service to ‘shake it up’. Who you may ask?

The unconventional and unofficial no.2 to the UK’s Prime Minister has certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons. What was he thinking?

Cummings’s job search blog post reminded me of my all-time hero Ernest Shackleton.  Who also used an individualistic approach to recruiting crew members to join his polar expedition in 1913.

Or did he?

His acclaimed advert of “Men Wanted for Hazardous Journey” is probably a myth as no copy has ever been unearthed.

What is remarkable about Shackleton’s advert is it does not pull any punches.

The three key ingredients to a good job post

  •  Building a sense of purpose
  •  Explanation of the challenges and what is expected
  •  Promise of recognition or  reward

Shackleton was inundated with applicants. He could hand pick his crew. They joined up regardless of the fact that any reward was only to be achieved if they survived!

As history has proven, this exceptional band of brothers did survive the most impressive example of human endeavour and team work.

Will Dominic Cummings be as successful in his selection? Time will tell.

Although the successful applicants will not be travelling to the South Pole in sub-zero temperatures – they will face other challenges.

Promises of long hours, little to no social life or romantic encounters. And if you don’t cut the mustard, an ignominious kick out the door sharpish.

Inspiring? Motivating? Not in my book.

New Year 2020

On Monday, many employees will be returning from a long festive break.  Will they be filled with enthusiasm they need to carry out their roles ably and diligently?

Or will the New Year get off to a faltering start for many employers. A palpable increase in absenteeism, general inertia and lacklustre approach to the tasks in hand?

I hope not.

About Engage & Grow

Gallup released their 2019 annual report on employee engagement in December “Building a High-Development Culture Through Your Employee Engagement Strategy”

A key finding is that an employee engagement succeeds when it changes the conversations and behaviours of managers and employees in an authentic way.  Not the “Cummings” way.

As a licensed coach with Engage & Grow our employee engagement, leadership and cultural programme can only be activated once a pre-programme survey is completed.

The survey is then analysed, discussed and understood with the business leader.

Only then are the goals, objectives and deliverable engagement outcomes agreed and the programme can begin.

Please contact me here if your organisation is interested in booking a FREE Engage & Grow Employment Survey.

Reshaping how your employees and leaders see each other could be the key to your continuing prosperity.

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