In a world obsessed with engagement on social media is there still power in getting out there and networking like mad?

For me personally at AARC Opportunity, it is a unequivocal YES!

As a start up company, it is a no-brainer. Dive in and just do it!

Choose wisely and focus on networking where it will work best for your company or service offering. Do it well. Make it fun. Then ‘bingo’ you are on to a winner.

Know your target network audience.

I need to be referred to companies who can benefit from my ‘Engage & Grow’ employee engagement coaching programmes.

The majority of my prospective clients will not know that they have an issue. Let alone ask me to help them solve it.

My message needs to be clear and succinct so my networkers can spread the word on my behalf.

I chose Business Networking International.

The photo is the group of inspiring and motivating individuals that make up the BNI STEAM chapter that meet every Friday morning in Swindon

This is my power networking team. All of them want me to succeed.

Mix and mingle.

Don’t stay in your comfort zone by talking to the same people every week. It’s one of the biggest traps to fall into when networking. Seek out those who do not look or sound like you.

You will not know who people know until you ask them!

Be prepared.

Prepare and practice an elevator pitch. You could have just sixty seconds to make an impression. You will not get it right first time. I didn’t.

Confidence builds over time. Trust too.  Remember that the guys and gals in the room are rooting for you to do well. If they aren’t, you are in the wrong group.

Grab an opportunity if presented.

Last week I had an opportunity to replace the member who was scheduled to do the feature presentation. I grabbed it with both hands.

Although I knew what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it, I still only had two days to put it together.

I reached out to a fellow BNI STEAM chapter member to help me. Danny Matthews from

As part of my five minutes of fame would he be willing to play the role of Prince Charming in my fairy tale presentation?

Although we were talking on the phone I did not hear him blink.

Straight out of his mouth was a resounding YES!

He of course stole the show. What a star. With little time to prepare he gave it his all. He wanted to support me and make MY message heard.

And we succeeded.  How do I know that?




When delivering an Engage & Grow coaching programme to an organisation regardless of its size or business sector – feedback is a crucial ingredient of success. A group cannot move forward without it. It is a gift to give and also receive when done in a safe and secure environment.

What did I learn from my day in the sun?

Networking makes you feel better about yourself, be part of a family of like minded souls and most of all it will be fun.

About Engage & Grow

Gallup this month released their 2019 annual report on employee engagement Building a High-Development Culture Through Your Employee Engagement Strategy.

A key finding is that an employee engagement succeeds when it changes the conversations and behaviours of managers and employees in an authentic way.

As a licensed coach with Engage & Grow our employee engagement, leadership and cultural programme can only be activated once a pre-programme survey is completed.

The survey is then analysed, discussed and understood with the business leader.

Only then are the goals, objectives and deliverable engagement outcomes agreed and the programme can begin.

Please contact me here if your organisation is interested in booking a FREE Engage & Grow Employment Survey.

Reshaping how your employees and leaders see each other could be the key to your increased success.

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