Shortcuts – am I delusional?

Don’t worry that is a rhetorical question.  No need to respond.

Yesterday evening, with total rubbish on the terrestrial channels, the rain lashing down so no opportunity to walk Smithy…..I pressed the Netflix link with the “Netflix Tonight” suggestion.

Now I am openly going to put it out there.  I am a traditionalist.  Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice a few rom-coms.  Saving Mr Banks a particular favourite – as I could identify with that early relationship between P. L Travers and her father.

But, some Netflix algorithm took me to “Duplicity” with Clive Owens and Julia Roberts.  Netflix were selling the hind legs of “Sex In the City 2” – but having never watched an episode when it first aired, I clicked through the link for the spy drama “Duplicity”.  Trapped in the pouring rain I made a choice.

Now, if any of you can even try and explain what the film was about – don’t worry.   I took a shortcut.  Baffled, I googled the film and Rotten Tomatoes, IMbD and Wikipedia explained the story to me. Even with thorough research I still think the film was crap though.

Filmed in 2009 – it seems as it pictures a time when apparent company espionage was either at its height or just financial smoke and mirrors.  Bullying at its zenith.  I found it very unsavoury.

So, it made me think about not having shortcuts.

And then on came Randall and Hopkirk [Deceased] on ITV3.  I watched this as a youngster, when there were only three channels to choose from.

The geezer walking around in the white suit [Marty] we honestly thought only Jeff [as in the Randall bit] could see him.  No green screen or CGI.  Pure telly.  Simple story telling.

So, about those shortcuts

There are none in life, in my experience.

The impact of COV-ID 19

Since the start of the year familiar and much loved brands have disappeared, or are struggling.  The unemployment statistics rise daily.

Furloughed staff are worried about their future and anxious to be involved in their company’s future plans.

Many organisations are in financial distress and do not know the best way to re-engage, re-energise and motivate their staff.

But move ahead we all must – this is no time for nostalgia for the past.  Engaging with your employees is business essential.  And doing it NOW is critical.

How Engage & Grow can help

As lockdown restrictions are being lifted and businesses encouraged to return their employees to work, Engage & Grow’s programmes have been adapted to work within social distancing governance.

Also, all Engage & Grow’s employee engagement, leadership and cultural change programmes remain effective and have lasting impact when using zoom video conferencing.  Why?

Because none of the core principles of exciting teams with engaged minds, fast tracking leadership potential, achieving business goals and inspiring others – have been lost.  Zoom online engagement produces the right result if delivered properly.

If you are curious to see how you can get your team re-engaged after lockdown and the steps you can put in place NOW to smooth this transition to the ‘new norm’.  Let’s arrange a call so I can help you with some ideas and strategies

Call me on 07393 561276
Visit my website to see what programme will suit you and your business, team or leaders:

I am confident it will be a great investment

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