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For business leaders looking at Engage & Grow as a solution what are the three qualities they should be expressing to their workforce?

  • CERTAINTY [regain confidence] 
  • CLARITY [regain control]
  • SIMPLICITY [uncomplicated way forward]

Workforce Engagement

Red Belt

The signature programme is still the heart of Engage & Grow and its ‘bread and butter’ product.  The 12-week programme builds high levels of trust within the organisation and engagement is measured by the pre, mid and post employee surveys.

White Belt

An impactful on-day workshop for 5-35 employees that activates the participants to act and think innovatively about the business.

Leadership Effectiveness

Leader of Leaders

A Personal Action based programme that incorporates a large section of communication awareness and skills aimed to increase the leader’s ability to connect and build relationships within their team.  Results expected are creating a high level of respect and influence, higher employee commitment, improved culture and increased productivity.

D.I.S.C. Profiling

Helps individuals understand themselves, learn strategies to improve interaction with others and achieve higher workplace satisfaction and results.  A D.I.S.C profile offers insight into a person’s most productive behaviours as well as those behaviours that may create conflict and problems.

Online Programmes

Achievers Club

A flexible suite of online employee engagement & culture programmes to excite teams with engaged minds, and to fast track achieving goals while inspiring each other.  Designed for 6-8 people in group participation for 45 minute sessions over eight weeks by zoom video conferencing.

Employee Engagement Online Videobook Course

Completed on-line the videobook course is available free with my personal offer code AR4 and has ten separate chapters that cover the steps from “what is employee engagement” through to “going from positive behaviour to high performance”.  The course includes expertise from leading business and leadership coaches; Marshall Goldsmith, Brad Sugars, Mark C. Thompson and Richard Maloney

Creating an Engaged Workforce

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      It has been a very worthwhile programme. The feeling of all of us belonging to the team and the business and all working towards common goal has been very good and empowering. Pushing us into doing things that are against our natural inclinations and push our personal borders has been interesting and empowering.

      • Hillside Design Company
      • UK
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      Do it for as many of the team as you can. It quickly identifies who the emerging leaders are and makes you consider/question who the people are that currently have the biggest influence on the team. It increases communication and you get to know people of a more personal level.

      • Maximum Precision Engineers
      • UK

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