I urge anyone who has an interest in employee engagement and human development to watch Ken Loach’s latest movie “Sorry We Missed You”. Prepare yourself to face some uncomfortable truths about today’s gig economy.

As the final credits rolled the palpable anger of the story still burned on the screen.

Their life

The main protagonists Ricky [brilliantly portrayed by Kris Hitchen] and his wife Abby [Debbie Honeywood] are decent human beings trying to provide for their two teenage children – but have no time to invest in their own family life and emotional needs. Just being around at home is not an option.

  • Ricky is a delivery driver – governed by his handheld scanner beeping constantly to avoid being sanctioned by his company for non-deliveries or lateness.
  • Abby is a carer who works 14 hour days with only 15 minutes allocated to each of her clients – calling home to tell the kids where the pizza is and how long it needs to be blasted in the microwave.

My life

First of all, I was lucky.  Starting out as an apprentice, the company was my extended family. I was continually nurtured, encouraged and developed from a young age.

Social outings with the ‘firm’ were looked forwarded to with relish. Trips to Haydock Racecourse, Blackpool Amusement Park and the Belle Vue Speedway were packed.  Colleagues from every age group, race and religion.

We just got on together. No back stabbing. Those who were vulnerable were protected not exposed.

Employee surveys had not been invented. Why ask the employees what they think was the general sentiment

We had each other’s backs…….

Nostalgia v Reality

Not one  for nostalgia I know that change is important for a company’s continual development and reinvention.

Because of that early experience I have remained in gainful employment albeit with different levels of success.  I feel though that my experiences have been insulated. Understanding the gig economy has been difficult to grasp.

The film does not have a sugar coated ending. But, I am now more educated on the struggles of employees working on zero hour contracts.

The film came at a timely moment for me and my business. Gallup this week released their 2019 annual report on employee engagement Building a High-Development Culture Through Your Employee Engagement Strategy.

A key finding is that an employee engagement survey succeeds when it changes the conversations and behaviours of managers and employees in an authentic way.

As a licensed coach with Engage & Grow our employee engagement, leadership and cultural programme can only be activated once the pre-programme survey is completed.

As a result it is then analysed, discussed and understood with the company leader.

Only then are the goals, objectives and deliverable engagement outcomes agreed and the programme can begin.

Please contact me here if your organisation is interested in booking a FREE Engage & Grow Employment Survey.

Reshaping how your employees and leaders see each other could be the key to your increased success.

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