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Are you an SME, start-up business, charity or large organisation?

Are you working towards a working environment where your team love what they do?

Are you experiencing low morale in the workplace and suffering from increased absenteeism, high staff turnover or falling productivity?

Is this working environment having an impact on your customer service and levels of satisfaction?

The average UK figure for a highly engaged workforce is less than 15% a recent Gallup poll has shockingly revealed. This is costing businesses approximately £3,400 per £10,000 employment spend

Help is at hand – a local workshop can take your business through the benefits of choosing an Engage & Grow programme to help solve a range of difficulties that are holding your organisation back

What makes us different? – Engage & Grow programmes are neurologically designed. Traditional leadership practices have produced the enemy that is low engagement. To defeat it we reject archaic methods and adopt ones known to have the greatest impact on inspiring human performance in the workplace. Our services are specifically designed to activate the minds of employees by tapping into the finer points of neurology and the science of motivation

Let Engage & Grow help you find your way through to a long term and sustainable solution that not only matches your purpose and ambition but also your budget.

The full portfolio of Engage & Grow employee engagement and leadership programmes have now been developed for on-line delivery through zoom or Microsoft Teams video conferencing

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60 Minute Online Seminar

Tuesday 7th July 2020

I will be delivering a series of introductory workshops to showcase how to retain energy, commitment and focus for teams now emerging from the lockdown and wanting to speak openly with each other to find a new momentum for their organisations together.
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