Meet my cat Ronnie.  At a workshop the other week the speaker talked about the D.I.S.C behaviour assessment tool.

What did the the C stand for…

Confusion had arose as there had been talk of dolphins, lions, monkeys and elephants. But the dolphin equated to the S not the D in D.I.S.C and related to steady behaviour.

Still following?

Through my career I have done lots of behaviour assessments for various companies.  The Myers-Briggs indicators many times.  One obscure one I did in Chicago I came out as a fox.  Not sure why. Never asked. My manager came out as a tortoise. Again, why?

Truthfully, I wanted to be a cat.

But the D.I.S.C behaviour assessment tool is important and relevant.

Why D.I.S.C?

The behaviour tool centres on four different personality traits:

  •  – dominance
  •  I –  influence
  •  S – steadiness
  •  – conscientiousness

D.I.S.C is a powerful coaching tool.  It helps individuals understand themselves, learn strategies to improve interaction with others and achieve higher workplace satisfaction and results.

A D.I.S.C profile offers insight into the productive behaviours as well as those behaviours that may create problems. 

It enables organisations to find out about the various personality traits of an individual.  It can help find out the ways in which an individual would react to new challenges or how he or she is likely to behave in a team situation.

As an “Engage & Grow” employee engagement coach I am experienced in D.I.S.C profiling.  The personal assessments can be used to improve work productivity, teamwork, leadership, sales and communications.

D.I.S.C measures personality and behaviour style.  It DOES NOT measure intelligence, aptitude, mental health or values.

What to find out more?

In March – I am running two FREE workshops in Wiltshire. Both are morning events from 08.30am registration, starting at 9am and finishing at 10.30am.

Tuesday 3rd March: The Meeting Place, Chippenham, SN15 3ER. Guarantee your place here
Thursday 5th March: The VAS Centre, Swindon, SN1 1RT. Guarantee your place here

Is it right for you?

  • Are you a SME, start-up business, charity or large organisation?
  • Are you working towards a working environment where your team love what they do?
  • Are you experiencing low morale in the workplace and suffering from increased absenteeism, high staff turnover or falling productivity?
  • Is this working environment having an impact on your customer service levels of satisfaction?

The workshops will take your business through the benefits of choosing an Engage & Grow programme to help solve a range of difficulties that are holding an organisation back.

Gallup released their annual report on employee engagement in December 2019 “Building a High-Development Culture Through Your Employee Engagement Strategy”

A key finding is that an employee engagement succeeds when it changes the conversations and behaviours of managers and employees in an authentic way.

Reshaping how your employees and leaders see each other could be the key to your continuing prosperity.

If you are unable to attend but your organisation is interested in booking a FREE Engage & Grow Employment Survey. Please contact me Andrea 

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